Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Vicky's Pretties print collaboration


You may have noticed that i have been quite quiet on my social media recently! I have been a busy bee doing lots of research and designing, i am hoping to have a few craft fairs lined up in the next couple of months so i will keep you all posted on the dates, with lots of lovely new designs on sale, which will also be going online on my website very soon!
It is exciting times right now, Vicky's Pretties has collaborated with the "Craft Cotton Company" and will be developing a range of prints for craft fabric and selling in your favorite haberdashery stores! I cannot wait until they go into store it will be so exciting, keep your eyes pealed! Here is a sneaky peak of some of the prints i have been working on, but i am not going to give too much away you will have to wait and see for yourself!

This is some of my basic illustrations that make up the below print, based on retro sweets, i sketched these on my way home from work! You should always keep a sketch book and pencil handy as you never know when inspirational ideas will pop into your head!

This is the finished design, i must admit i am very happy with this and the colours i have chosen go well together!

I even had a little help from one of my little kittens Bella she loves to sit and watch me as im drawing and chase the mouse around the screen, bless!

That's it for now, i hope that you have enjoyed seeing what i have been up to lately, lots more blog posts to follow as i have been busy snapping away lots of inspirational photo's too which i will upload very soon!