Thursday, 24 November 2011

Research day in London, Oxford St, Carnaby St and Shoreditch!

Hi All,
Today i have travelled to the big smoke! What a lovely day i have had, i found some amazing little boutiques and vintage shops! A day just wasn't enough in this wonderful place they call London. I gained a lot of inspiration and will be visiting again soon, take a look at some of the pics i managed to snap whilst i was down there. I must say how very proud i am to be English, bring on those independant's the way forward! I also need to say how much i am LOVING the 'made in England' clothing labels!! I have spent the whole day whooping with excitement as i turned every corner, especially in the wonderfully unique and quirky part of town they call Shoreditch! Love it!
Vicky's Pretties, always on the lookout for amazingly beautiful things ;-) xxx

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