Saturday, 28 January 2012

Mossley Craft Fair at Woodend Mill January 2012

Hi All,

So today i bared the cold and headed on down to Woodend Mill in Mossley for their first craft fair of the year! First of all can i just say i love Mossley, the stone cottages and snow tipped hills were just beautiful!
I arrived by train at the cutest little station ever and carried my 'pretties' through the streets of Mossley to Woodend Mill (without gloves...bad idea!)
The craft show was based in two units in the old mill with regulars and newbies, and what a lovely bunch of people they all are, despite the cold i had a lovely day nattering around the stove fire!
I saw some fantastic work and was very tempted to buy lots of things!

There was a fantastic landscape artist called Paul Scragg from Liverpool who paints with watercolours, what a talent! I have not seen paintings like this for a long time, they are the sort you can stare at for hours and feel like you are actually in the picture! ( for more details)

There was also another lovely lady called Sandy B, who started out doing pastel drawings of her friends pets as presents, and now she has begun a small business creating pets portraits! They were just brilliant, she has an excellent eye for detail and they were an absaloute bargain at £20.00 per picture. ( for more details)

...And last but not least a man very passionate about making model houses, he has started his own business creating 3D photographs, he had a lovely 3D country pub with little benches outside and told me he handpaints tea leaves for the flowers in the flower boxes in the windows! The attention to detail was just amazing, he mostly works on commisions with pubs and little shops, he can also transform wedding photographs into 3D, a perfect little wedding gift. Take a look at his website:

Below are some of the photographs from my fab day at Mossley craft centre xx Enjoy! xx

And finally Penny the Pomeranian...adorable!! xx

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