Tuesday, 10 January 2012

My mad Hong Kong/Shanghai design trip Oct 2011

Hi all,
Hong Kong/Shanghai design trip in Oct 2011. What an inspirational country, everywhere you look there are trendy people, new ideas and so many 'different' shops to venture into!
I spent most of my Hong Kong time in Kowloon bay, where I found an amazing little mall which totally gave Affleck's palace in Manchester a run for it's money, it was like Affleck's but 5x the size, i could have spent hours in there looking at all the beautifully handmade homeware and clothes...amazing!!
Then there was the ladies market and temple street market, not to be missed by night, what a fantastic experience, prepare to be hassled by all the sellers, but what a way to spend an evening than to find a perfect little bag, and spend half an hour haggling the price down, i became a pro towards the end of my trip!!
Sham Shui Po, was the most fantastic idea i have ever seen, lets just make a few streets and fill them with fabric shops, giving away free fabric swatches by the dozen, take a few empty bags you will need them!!
Shanghai was another different story, if you love arts and crafts you will think you have died and gone to heaven when you step into one of the trims malls, they have every button, bead and trim you could ever have imagined, if you are anything like me you would have to be dragged out kicking and screaming, i could have bought the lot...however i didn't and hade to make do with a small selection of carefully chosen buttons, which you can see i have put to good use on my little owl decoration!
Anyway, enough of the talking, here are a few photographs to show you exactly what i mean!! Enjoy!!

Hong Kong photo 1

Hong Kong photo 2

Hong Kong photo 3

Beads...lots and lots of beads!!

Pearls...lots and lots of pearls!!

Zips, buttons, badges, appliques, beads...squirrel tails!! I hope they weren't real!!

A very hazy morning in Hong Kong...looks a bit like Manchester, just a wee bit warmer ;-)

Some small little animal shaped food, which i am almost sure was off the children's menu and only meant for small people, however being the big kid that i am i just had to try some...yummy!


And finally...some fab patchwork teacup chairs found in a shopping mall, for a much needed rest after a busy day shopping and taking in Hong Kong...phew!

Thanks for looking!!
Vicky's Pretties xx

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