Sunday, 22 January 2012

Stockport Market Hall craft fair

A bit of a dreary day in Manchester, having to dodge in and out of the doorways to avoid the random downpours!
However, today i made my way to Stockport Market hall for the first time ever since i have lived in Manchester to check out the arts and crafts fair! I came accross some lovely quaint little buildings along the way and thought i would snap some of these...i take my inspiration from everything!
The Stockport market hall is just lovely, and i love all of the old kiosks inside, i felt like i had stepped back into the Victorian era! There were also some lovely arts and crafts stalls selling everything from greeting cards to soaps and chocolates, i think i may have to get myself a stall here very soon ;-)
All in all a good day...despite the rain!
Take a look xxx

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