Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Top homeware interior trends for 2013

Guest blogger: Alice Lewis from Queen of Hearts and Design.

Hi everyone! I have kindly been asked by Vicky's Pretties to write a guest post on my interior trends forecast for 2013. Only one month in and there are already some stand out styles popping up here and there, so I have pieced together a few ideas to help make sure that you are on top of the trends this year!

Retro reinvention

Let’s start with my favourite; retro reinvention! Pop-up shops and hidden bars, prohibition nights, and niche diners are having a moment in the spotlight. Their popularity goes hand in hand with the current trend for retro decor; lit neon signs, exposed light bulbs, bar stools, and daybeds are all part of this look. What’s interesting about this is that it is renewal and recycling with a modern twist; updated fabrics and quirky furniture design with the addition of plenty of rustic woodwork keep this look current.

You can either go bright and beautiful with vibrant colours and patterned fabrics or atmospheric and understanded - like a hidden basement bar. The key to making this work at home is less is more; a few statement furniture pieces, quirky features, and subtle lighting can transform a room without going overboard – which means that it will remain stylish through the seasons!

Graphic prints

Prints have gone digital this year and graphic shapes and patterns are covering everything from tiles and artwork, to glasswear. Colours range from clashing, bold, and bright, to monochrome and minimalist.

This digital design extends to nature and animal prints, covering cushions and curtains. Elephants and dogs are the popular choice but find a print with your favourite animal and experiment with colour. The throw pillow above from Dwell Studio proves that animal graphics don’t have to be childish and are a nice way to inject a bit of fun into your home.

This year’s colours

Colour specialist Pantone’s has forecast Emerald green as the colour of the year and this has caught on pretty quickly! If you are a bit weary of ending up with a Wizard of Oz-like emerald city in your front room, use this year’s other hot colour, navy, to break up your space. Yellow will also be a popular choice, more so as we get into spring, and the range of shades of green between complete the line-up. Emerald is quite an intense tone, and it will be interesting to see how it is used in interiors as the year goes on.


Tribal prints and bright colours inspired by South America were big in 2012 and it seems that we haven’t had enough of them yet! This trend continues but more prominent this year are Ikat, Navajo, and chevron prints; these will be seen in all colour combinations but are most natural in burnt and dusty orange, red and blues set against wooden panelled floors and walls - in line with their Native American background.

The writing’s on the wall

You don’t have to keep your feelings bottled up this year – slogans, quotes, and poetry are covering walls and ceilings.

Those who dare are illuminating their sayings and signs for extra emphasis but for a more understated look at home, framed calligraphy posters, wall stickers or word-covered throws will be enough to get the idea. You can get your favourite poem, family moto, or quote in a bespoke print to add your own personality to each piece and make something with meaning that will last.

I hope that my post has given you some design inspiration for the months ahead! I would love to know what you think and which trends have taken your fancy. The most important thing with any of these is to inject your own personality - so don’t be too strict – have fun with it!

Guest blogger - Alice at:

Queen of hearts and design

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