Sunday, 7 July 2013

Salvo Fair at Knebworth House

I came across the Salvo Fair at Knebworth house in Hertfordshire on a trend website last year and made a mental note to visit it this year. With a love of vintage treasures and antiques, especially in interior decor this was one fair that wasn't to be missed! We went along on the Saturday which i am very glad of as i heard the weather was much better, and i must say that this fair did not disappoint! If you are a lover of interior design and get inspired by unusual items then this fair is definitely for you! With a selection of antiques and restored items, to handmade lovelies you will be sure to go away with something a little bit special. I have short listed some of my favorite items below, take a look and let me know what you think!

These old storage containers would look great on display in your home, and i love the beautiful colours they have been painted in too!

I love these lights i think they would look great in a Retro kitchen and the colours are great too, i will definitely have some of these in my house one day.

I have been looking for vintage grain sacks for a very long time, they are such lovely quality fabrics they usually cost around the £20 mark for one sack so can be quite pricey, but they are great for making cushions out of and re-upholstering old furniture, as you can see from my photos below.

I have been searching for a vintage crate for a while now, and there were tonnes of them at the fair, from old apple crates to wine crates they look great on display and look lovely as planters inside your home or in your garden.

This sink reminded me of our old art sink at school always covered in acrylic paints, that's the best thing about art, you can have fun with it and it doesn't matter if you make a mess as it is all part of the fun!

From messy to rustic these tables below would look lovely in a kitchen and would make a great focal point in your room, the best thing about these kind of items is that they are so unique you can be sure that there won't be many people with the same furniture as you!

There were a lot of old metal signs at the fair but this one in particular caught my fancy, it would look great hanging on a wall in your house as a focal point.

These old tiles were just stunning, and as a print designer a lot of inspiration can be drawn from these, there were a lot of stands selling tiles as one-offs or as a set, and they have no end of uses. You can display them amongst a set of plain tiles as a focal piece or have a few of them up on display. I was in a vintage tea shop just last week and they were using them as a centre piece to a table to put the teapots and salt and peppers on, they are just lovely!

Speaking of tea shops, there were also lots of vintage tea cups and saucers on show and i particularly liked these ceramic jugs below, I had to purchase one for myself, they are great to use as a vase with a bunch of hydrangeas in they look great!

As a lover of sewing these old reels look great on display in your sewing room, just as they are or wrapped with coloured thread or ribbons.

I absolutely adored this big bath, and i hope to have one just like this one in my house one day!

I thought this retro corner display was great and i loved the way that the colours had been put together.

I loved this shabby chic corner, and also the star fish which would look great on display in your bathroom.

As a lover of horses and shabby chic decor, these next few pieces really caught my eye, i think they are beautiful works of art.

I thought these old shoe lasts were very quirky and would look great on display in your home.

I thought these rustic numbers looked great and if you wanted to get very inventive you could make them into a giant clock!

And finally... the sun was shining and the sky was blue, there were flowers everywhere and i snapped a few!

Knebworth house what a beautiful setting for a great fair, i will definitely be visiting again soon!

I hope you enjoyed my blog, below i have listed a few of my favorite stands and supplier details from the day in-case you wanted to do a bit of your own salvo hunting!

Vicky xxx

Planet Vintage Girl

Charlotte's Yard

Quirky Interiors

The original home store (the old bath photo)

Inside Outdoors (the ceramic vases photo)

Nikki Page Antiques (Shabby chic interior photo)

Beyond France (linen grain sacks and cushions photo)

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